The Top has no Limit
Manufacturer of your packaging machines since 1977.

The top has no limit

We are constantly working to develop new innovations and technologies that optimise your industrial activity.

All our machines have been developed with in-depth consideration of ergonomics, aesthetics, safety, reliability, and performance to design extremely efficient packaging lines.

Our love for cutting-edge innovation for end-to-end success

Anchored in technological innovation, our company has patented many creations that allow our customers in the food industry to increase their productivity regardless of their positioning (industry, craftsman, etc.) and the products they sell.

Innovative machinery

For example, our teams develop innovative machines that improve performance and production rates.

Our equipment covers all needs in terms of capping, lid application, assembly, distribution, and lid and other product orientation, and also tailor-made routing with our high-performance air conveyor systems.

Constantly in motion, we can fulfil your most demanding specifications in order to solve your development problems through the production of tailor-made machines.

Our contact info

4b Rue de l’Industrie,
21270 Pontailler-sur-Saône – France
Tél. : +33 (0)3 80 36 13 63