Frictionless air conveying


Conveying system for caps and lids by blown air propulsion.

Information & managed products

Managed products:

Simple styling lids

Tamper-evident lids

Different materials (cardboard, plastic, metal, etc.)

Different formats (diameter, height, etc.)

Variations and options:

Anodised aluminium

(for High-Care areas)


Up to 500 strokes/minute

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The advantages of the CONVEYOR machine


  • No maintenance or spare parts required (no bands to change or tighten)
  • Conveying by blown air that avoids the accumulation of dirt on the floor


  • Layout easily adaptable to different configurations (ascent, descent, bend, etc.)
  • Linkage system compatible with R-Laurent machines or independently


  • Insert sensors for interfacing with the upstream or downstream machines
  • Can be covered to ensure better protection


  • Driver integrated or non-integrated into line PLC
  • Adaptation to line speed


  • Components compatible with food standards, CE, or UL/CSA standards
  • Optional High-Care compatibility (HDPE)

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