Capper and lid applicator

& C77SCO

Continuous automatic rotary capper with 16 high-speed capping heads with cap orientation on the box.

Information & managed products

Managed products:

Capping lids

Tamper-evident lids

Soft Snap Cap lids

Boxes, pots, and bowls of all shapes

Different materials (cardboard, plastic, metal, etc.)

Different formats (diameter, height, etc.)

Variations and options

No guidance

Up to 60 strokes/minute (1T)
Up to 250 strokes/minute (8T)
Up to 500 strokes/minute (16T)

With orientation

Up to 220 strokes/minute

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The advantages of the machine
C77SC & C77SCO


  • Simple and robust design (no cam, no pusher)
  • Manufactured in stainless steel and anodised aluminium

Optimised ergonomics

  • Easy manual adjustment (automatic as an option)
  • Adaptable and fast format change (reduced tools, simplified locking)


  • Input/output flow regulation
  • Adaptation to line speed

Very high performance

  • Orientation by turntable – continuous lid/box alignment
  • Continuous stabilisation of products by holding them at height
  • Continuous control of the quality of capping and ejection of scrap


  • Components compatible with food standards, CE, or UL/CSA standards
  • Reinforced operator safety

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C77sco- Pose de couvercles à charnières et orientés angulairement.
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