Capper and lid applicator


Continuous automatic rotary capper with cells and capping plate – high speed.

The C7B rotary capper allows the application of flexible and capping lids.

Information & managed products

The boxes arrive on an entry conveyor that also serves as an exit conveyor. They are placed in a carousel using an entry star. At the exit, a second star transfers them back to the conveyor.

Managed products:

Simple styling lids

Soft Snap Cap lids

Boxes, pots, and bowls of all shapes

Different materials (cardboard, plastic, metal, etc.)

Different formats (diameter, height, etc.)

Variations and options:

Up to 250 strokes/minute (8A)
Up to 310 strokes/minute (10A)
Up to 375 strokes/minute (12A)


Up to 500 strokes/minute

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The advantages of the C7B machine


  • Simple and robust design (no cam, no pusher)
  • Manufactured in stainless steel and anodised aluminium

Optimised ergonomics

  • Easy manual adjustment (automatic as an option)
  • Adaptable and fast format change (reduced tools, simplified locking)


  • Input/output flow regulation
  • Adaptation to line speed

High performance

  • Continuous stabilisation of products by holding them at height
  • Continuous control of the quality of capping and ejection of scrap


  • Components compatible with food standards, CE, or UL/CSA standards
  • Reinforced operator safety

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C7B- Capsuleuses et couvercleuses pour la pose de couvercles coiffants.
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